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Mission, Vision, & Method

Aslan Mattress Mission Statement

Inspire healthy sleep, provide top quality, innovative, yet fairly priced sleep products that provide comfort, rejuvenation, and promote overall well-being. To be charitable to our community and make the world a better place.

The Aslan​​​​​​​ Method

  • Make sure our customers are sleeping soundly :)
  • Provide high quality sleep products that promote healthy sleep and well-being.
  • Support reputable charitable organizations and our community with each mattress sale we make.
  • Create value without creating unnecessary expense - always keep fair margins.
  • Engage in reckless creativity.
  • Continuously innovate and improve processes and products with data driven solutions.
  • Hold ourselves to the highest standard.
  • Be contagiously happy.
  • Love what we do.
  • Foster a company culture that is fun, rewarding, and purposeful.
  • Work with our industry to develop new technology based on customer (your) feedback.
  • Be experts on sleep and the mental and physical benefits of restful sleep.
  • Gather data, analyze, create solutions, implement, evaluate results, adjust, repeat (forever).

Why is Aslan​​​​​​​ needed?

Because of the high markups and deliberate confusion in the bedding industry. To make purchasing a mattress simple and transparent process.

Aslan​​​​​​​ Mattress Vision Statement

Be a thought leader in modern bedding and help create solutions and improvements to current bedding products. To provide support to reputable non-profit organizations that make a difference in our world, locally and beyond.