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Aslan Beaded GEL Memory Foam Sample

Aslan Beaded GEL Memory Foam Sample

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Due to incredibly high demand, we are not able to fulfill sample requests at this time. If you need help choosing a mattress, please fill out this quick survey and we will respond ASAP: Which mattress is right for me? 

On the fence? Get a free Aslan Foam Sample. Limit one per customer.

I can’t lay on this, so what’s the point?
Open foam in the mini mattress box & run through the tests below. Please read all instructions. Keep foam away from kids and pets.

1. GEL Beads Test
We do not put food coloring in our foam and say its ‘cooling gel’. Sadly, companies do this. Notice actual bits of real gel beads. Gel helps transfer heat away from your body while you sleep. Aslan greatly reduces tossing and turning caused by pressure points & reduced blood flow, the main reason you toss and turn at night. You remain in one spot longer, in undisturbed deep sleep but you can get warmer than you would in a ‘normal’ mattress you toss in. Gel Beads and high airflow (next test) prevent you from overheating on the Aslan.

2. Airflow Test
Press the foam to your mouth and blow. Use your free hand to feel the air coming through on the other side. This demonstrates the foam is open cell and has good airflow. This is important because it is another factor in how cool you sleep. Don’t suck in while foam is in your mouth. Don’t choke. Don’t eat the foam.

3. Off Gassing Test
Smell it, no nasty smell. We only use CertiPUR-US® Certified foam, made in the USA & guaranteed not to contain harmful chemicals. Foam is responsibly made in an Earth friendly manner. Mother Earth thanks you. Our foam is also hypoallergenic. Bonus!

4. Conform & Rebound Test
Squeeze foam on your hand tightly for 30 seconds (or longer if you wish) allowing your body heat to permeate through the foam. Release. Notice how quickly the foam returns to its normal shape. This is called ‘rebound’ and its very beneficial because quick rebound does several important things:

  • You won’t get stuck in a hole when you roll over. Older types of memory foam turn into silly putty when warmed leaving a crater when you try to roll out.
  • It quickly responds to your body if you change positions.
  • It immediately conforms to your body when you lay down, no need to wait for your body heat to activate it like older types of memory foam.

5. Comfort Test
Squeeze spring in hand and squeeze foam. Notice the difference. Metal is a perfect for making nails, knives, tanks, bear traps, torture devices, etc. Not good for mattresses. Just our opinion.

6. Action Figure Test
Place an appropriate size action figure on the foam sample overnight. Notice it is in the same sleep position in the morning. No tossing and turning. That’s science.

When you are done testing the foam, it works great as a 'stress ball'!

If we can help in any way, please let us know!